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Ombudsperson for Children's Office

Annual Report

Each year, the OCO submits a report on its activities to the President of the Republic of Mauritius. The President shall cause every report sent to him/her to be laid before the Assembly within one month of its submission. The Annual Report is accessible to the Press and the public on our website.
Extract from Ombudsperson for Children’s Report 2016
“The effectiveness of my investigations lies in the fact that I seek to identify systemic issues and root causes of the cases involving child rights violations.  The OCO thus acts as a catalyst for change to ascertain that the rights of the child are being respected by all, with the use of “smart power” and proactive engagement.  The term “smart power” was coined by Joseph Nye, a political scientist from Harvard University.”
“The Ministry of Youth and Sports has devised a project of sports programme for rehabilitation of children residing at RYCs.  Sports have a positive impact on both the physical and psychological development of an individual.  Recent researches also portray sport-based programmes as a potential panacea to curb behavioural problems among youngsters.  Not only do sports provide opportunities to learn particular social skills, such as tolerance and respect for others but they also foster social inclusion at community level”
“Community schooling, I believe, could be a wise response to the challenges posed by education in Rodrigues.  During my mission, I had the opportunity and great satisfaction to visit Araucaria Community School.  The concept of community schooling is a laudable initiative that should serve as a model to the world.”
“Though Agalega is a beautiful island, it is marred by its environmental conditions: stray dogs and rats are a real scourge there.”